[Webinar] How to Secure Your Source Code in 2019

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Our recent report "How to Secure Your Source Code in 2019" is a comprehensive guide to keeping your software development process secure from beginning to end. Join us Thursday, December 6, at 10 a.m. CST as we cover the main points and more in a short webinar.

When sensitive data breaches at important companies like Equifax or Uber make headline news, millions of consumers become immediately aware that they’re now victims. The story is always about stolen data and the drama around the company’s attempt to cover up the breach. But compromised data is a consequence of a security failure. What are the actual causes of such a severe security breach?

Join this webinar to gain insight on the following:

  • How human error contributes to source code insecurities
  • Important statistics about the causes of source code vulnerabilities
  • The natural tension between security and efficiency and how to address it
  • How to solve the security conundrum on your own dev team

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Thursday, December 6th, 2018

10:00 AM CST

Our Host:

Michael Hicklen is a DevOps leader with over 10 years experience at companies like Amazon Web Services and Rackspace. He is the conductor of day-to-day technical operations at Assembla. From monitoring infrastructure to improving current internal processes, Michael is deeply immersed in ensuring the operational uptime of Assembla and its end users. 

Michael Hicklen, Director of DevOps, Assembla

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